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Welcome to Latina Feminisms with Dr. Jessica N. Pabón!

About your professor: Dr. Pabón is an Assistant Professor of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, an affiliate of Latin American & Caribbean Studies, a queer boricua feminist, and a mamí. She is finishing her first book on female graffiti writers and is beginning her next project on identity, belonging, and latinidad.

Course description:
In this interdisciplinary and intersectional course, students will examine the multiple ways in which Latina/xs of various ethnic and racial backgrounds engage, create, define, challenge, and utilize feminism and feminist movement in the struggle for social justice mostly in the US (but also in the Caribbean and Latin America).

Our class meets on Tuesdays and Fridays from 9:30-10:45AM; the location is LC113.

You can email me at, but you should read through my email policy first.

I look forward to seeing you in office hours on Mondays from 1-3PM and Tuesdays from 2-4PM at Southside House, but you should make an appointment by visiting this online calendar.

We have three required books for this course that are available at the bookstore and for loan at the library. They are

  1. The Latina Feminist Group. 2001. Telling to Live: Latina Feminist Testimonios. Durham: Duke University Press Books. (library has one copy)
  2. Moraga, Cherríe and Gloria Anzaldúa. 2015. This Bridge Called My Back, Fourth Edition: Writings by Radical Women of Color. 4th edition. Albany: State University of New York Press. (library has two copies)
  3. Ruiz, Vicki and Virginia Sánchez Korrol. 2005. Latina Legacies: Identity, Biography, and Community. New York: Oxford University Press. (click for link to ebook)

Additional readings are provided as PDFs; you will receive the password in class.

You can bring your laptops/iPads to class but if the privilege is abused I will ban them from the entire class. Let’s be responsible for our collective.

We will use this Hawksite course blogpage. Students are responsible for frequently checking the page and using it to upload weekly reading responses. We will also use free software for creating podcasts (more information on this in class).

In this course we will be discussing topics that are serious and hilarious, joyful and painful, personal and political, so our class has some ground rules for engagement:

  • Do your work.
  • Be present.
  • Be critical not cruel, generative not combative.