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Trigger Warning for entire semester: the narratives and histories of Latinas naming and fighting their oppression will include mention of various kinds of violence.

Day Date Topic Readings Due Assignment Due/Presenter
Tuesday 24-Jan Introductions: Who are We? Winter Weather! Class Cancelled. See email.
Visit: 6 Badass Women Answer: What Does Being a Latina Feminist Mean to You? by Amaris Castillo 
Friday 27-Jan Terminologies, Identities, Histories PDF: Aparicio, Frances R. 2007. (Re)constructing Latinidad: The Challenge of Latina/o Studies,” In A Companion to Latina/o Studies. Pages 39-47.
Tuesday 30-Jan Bridgework This Bridge Called My Back: xliii-4; 10-13; 19; 22-29; 48-52.  
Friday 3-Feb Bridgework TBCMB: 87-89; 101-105; 148-173.
Tuesday 7-Feb Bridgework TBCMB: 181-189; 195-196; 198-209.  Natalia
Friday 10-Feb Turning to Our Legacies Latina Legacies: 3-16; 19-35.
Tuesday 14-Feb Latina/x Podcasting

LL: 39-71.

Online Reading: “Latinas Behind ‘Latina Theory’ Podcast on Empowerment & Getting Your Voice Heard” 

Friday 17-Feb LL: 72-96.
Tuesday 21-Feb LL: 97-134.
Friday 24-Feb

LL: 135-174.

Pick a podcast from Radio Menea…your choice!

Tuesday 28-Feb LL:  175-208.
Friday 3-Mar LL: 209-239.  Gabriela
Tuesday 7-Mar Telling Our Testimonias LL: 240-252; Telling To Live: 1-24.
Listen: Locatora Radio Capitulo 001:
Friday 10-Mar Empowerment

TTL: 25-59.



Midterm Podcast Due

Tuesday 14-Mar TTL: 60-95.


3/13 Midpoint of Semester

Friday 17-Mar TTL: 96:131.
Tuesday 28-Mar TTL: 132-165.



Friday 31-Mar Erasure TTL: 166-195.


Last Day Course Withdrawal

Tuesday 4-Apr TTL: 196-228.

Amanda; Natalia

Workshop Final Paper Topic: Bring two topic ideas to class. In addition, bring 2-4 ideas for which readings you might use in these papers.

Friday 7-Apr TTL: 229-262.

Gabriela; Indiana

Workshop Final Paper Research Question: Bring two research questions to class.

Friday 14-Apr Bodies TTL: 263-302.

**Go to M39 in Library! Bring your laptops if you can! You will have a research session with the WGSS librarian Morgan Gwenwald. Professora will be away at a conference**

Because we have no class on the 11th and a library research session on the 14th this week, your assignment is to develop a thesis statement and a draft paper outline that includes 2-4 sources from class and 2 outside sources. The outline should look something like #2 or #3 on this “Writing an Outline” tool in terms of length/structure.

Email the thesis and outline document to la professora by 5PM Monday April 17th.

Tuesday 18-Apr Passions & Desires TTL: 303-330.
Michelle; Menorka
Friday 21-Apr   TTL: 331-355.

**No Class, Professora at Conference**

Professora will give back your thesis/outline documents prior to this class. Your assignment for today is to respond to this feedback by creating a 4-page draft essay that you will share with classmates on Tuesday for peer review.

Tuesday 25-Apr Excess, Aesthetics, and Sexuality PDF: Rodríguez, Juana. 2003. “Divas, Atrevidas, y Entendidas: An Introduction to Identities,” in Queer Latinidad. Pp.5-36
Listen: Locatora Radio Capitulo:002 & Online Brujeria

Cedes; Alba

In class peer essay review.

Friday 28-Apr Discourses of Excess PDF: Gutiérrez, Laura. 2010. “Nao Bustamante’s “Bad-Girl” Aesthetics,” In Performing Mexicanidad. pp. 135-150
Listen: Locatora Radio Capitulo 004:

Sophie; Stephanie

Final Paper Due in Class!

Attach the thesis/outline document and the 4-page draft (the versions with my notes on them) to the back of your final paper.

Tuesday 2-May PDF: Hernandez, Jillian. 2009. “‘Miss, You Look like a Bratz Doll’: On Chonga Girls and Sexual-Aesthetic Excess.” NWSA Journal, 2009.
Listen: Locatora Radio Capitulo 003:
Dayamara; Natalia
Friday 5-May PDF: From second half of The Afr@@ Latin@ Reader excerpt pdf: “Afro Latinas” and Lara “Uncovering Mirrors”
 Valeri; Stephanie
Tuesday 9-May Course Wrap Up Listen: & 17  N/A
Friday 19-May Final Class 10:15AM-12:15PM Final Podcast due