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Weekly Blog Post: 25 points

Students are responsible for uploading one blog post in response to the readings once per week (with the exception of 2 “freebie weeks”) for a total of 12. Students can choose to respond to the readings for Tuesday or Friday, BUT please NOTE that responses are due to the blog on the Monday or Thursday before class by 5pm. Students can choose from the following formatting options for their responses: letter (500 words), testimonia (500 words), poetry (written or spoken, no word min/max), performance (broadly defined but has to be uploaded, can be a link if data is too big for course blog with accompanying 150 word explanation), or an image (collage, photo, painting, illustration with accompanying 150 word explanation).

Remember to choose the correct category for your post (e.g. response 1, response 5, response 12) before hitting publish!