The following list includes some of our favorite resources for making zines, reading zines online, and connecting with zine-makers and collections.

Zine Making Guides– Instructional pages and articles about how to create and distribute zines.
How-to Videos– Hands on instruction for laying out zines.
Read Zines Online– links to digital archives and collections.
Find Zine Fests– links to websites and social media for groups that host regular zine fests (where you can trade / buy zines and meet other folks in the community.
More Zine Libraries– links to collections in New York and across the country.

…And here are a few printable resource sheets we’ve created about the zine-making process:

Tips + Tricks

Printing your Zine

Zine Making

Zine Making Guide (Wikibooks)

Beginner’s guide to making zines (Creative Bloq)

Template for laying out an 8.5 x 11 zine in PowerPoint (NP Zine Library)

One page zine about making a one page zine! (Kat Bingaman-Burt)

How-to Videos

Read Zines Online

Queer Zine Archive Project

Zines on Internet Archive

POC Zine Project

Online Zines tumblr

Zine Fests

Brooklyn Zine Fest

NYC Feminist Zine Fest

Philly Zine Fest

Pioneer Valley Zine Fest

Zine Libraries (in NY and beyond!)

National List of Zine Libraries (maintained by Barnard College)

Brooklyn College

Barnard College

Fales Library Special Collections (NYU)

ABC No Rio Zine Library

University at Buffalo Poetry Collection