The following was presented as part of a panel discussion on zines in Academic Libraries at the Art Libraries Society of North America conference in NYC in February / March of 2018.

This presentation was created for a workshop at Southeastern Regional Library Resources Council.  This hands-on session dove into the what, why, and how of getting zines into your library. We explored the significance of zines in creating space for community dialogue and discuss some of the nuts and bolts of creating a zine collection. We looked at various models for zine libraries and zine programming from public and academic libraries alike, and did some in-session planning for how to use zines to solve a need or problem in our own libraries. Participants learned some techniques for creating zines – from writing, cutting, and pasting to photocopying and stitching final copies in a variety of sizes and layouts.

This presentation was created for the 2016 State University of New York Library Association annual conference, held at Binghamton University. The theme of the conference was “Convergence: Libraries at the Point of Convergence.”  Presented by metadata, research and zine librarian Madeline Veitch; research and education librarian Lydia Willoughby; and zine intern and recent 2016 SUNY New Paltz graduate Kelly Lindberg.