Aboveground & the underground converge : the New Paltz Zine Library, a film by Kelly Lindberg.

“My thesis is a video focusing on the dichotomy of an academic library and a zine library. The film explores the convergence of of “above-ground”, mainstream visions of academia and underground subculture, namely, zines. How does zine subculture function in an academic setting? Handmade and especially student-made media like zines have just as much of a place and a purpose in an academic library as scholarly texts. I am not a film expert, I am not a production major, I barely knew anything about filming and editing before diving into the making of this film. This film was intentionally and unintentionally messy, much like the format of a zine.I wanted to make a video about one of my favorite things I’ve ever been a part of, the New Paltz Zine Community. While our library is not the first of its kind, it’s still a very odd thing to be a part of an academic library (seriously, we have a zine about how to drop out of school in our collection). But odd isn’t bad. In fact, it’s necessary.In this film you will find some of the community, certainly not all of it, but some of my favorites.”

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