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Logo for Quaranzinefest 2020, April 4-5, shows an exploding headed figure reaching up for a zine

Hi there zinesters! We heard about a really nifty event that happened earlier in April and is still unfolding online this very as we speak. Organizers wanted to do something about all the cancelled zine fests in this era of social distancing. From the organizer’s website:

“Quaranzine Fest is a (cough…) viral concept to connect zine makers and patrons in this turbulent time of social distancing. In the face of Federal Government ineptitude, callousness, and lack of empathy, the DIY community has come together to… not come together. As we work in solidarity to honor the social contract and flatten the curve, many of us in the international zine, art book, and DIY community have been dramatically impacted by the closures of the art book fairs and zine fests where we connect with each other, discover exciting new work, and (for us vendors) make part of our living.

Quaranzine Fest is simple. Post your work on the platform of your choice April 4th and 5th with the hashtag #quaranzinefest – no submission process, no selection process, no fees, no leaders, no volunteers, no building, no table, no limit on vendors, no fire code restrictions, no peanut butter fingers touching your zines.”

Did you miss it? No problem! That’s the beauty of asynchronous events! You can still post your zine (either a digital zine or info about a paper zine you’ll mail to folks) on any platform with #quaranzine. Here are a few places to look at zines that have come out of the event:

Did you Make a Zine?

We’ve heard from some of you that you made a zine for Quaranzinefest – we’re eager to catalog these once we get back in the Library and have all our tools at the ready.

If you made a zine but haven’t shared it yet, send it our way! We can catalog digital zines as such or download and print a PDF to make a paper zine, whatever your vision.

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SPA 376 Survey of Latin American Literature: Zines & Social Movements

Z I N E  H E L P  &   G U I D E :


Hello Amazing SPA 376 Students!

We are going to be exploring zines as texts and physical objects, zine cultures and subcultures, and how the material culture of zines is used as an organizing tool in social movements and political resistance.  We will focus on how these questions and resources relate to Latin American Literature, and contemporary Latinx cultures, and of course, your own research interests and desires.

Learning goals for today (February 1, 2018)  are that you will be able to:

  • define what zines are,
  • know what zines we have in the New Paltz Zine Library,
  • and how you can read and access to the zines in our library.
  • It’s also important to be able to find and access zine collections beyond New Paltz, such as those available online or in other libraries.

The following short blog pieces are a good introduction to Latinx zine cultures.

4 Zines Centering Latino Narratives You Should Be Reading

New Research on Latinx Zine Collectives

My Ultimate Feminist Latinx Reading List

If you want to ask me a question outside of class, please be in touch at willougl at new paltz dot edu. We can meet for a zine consultation for help in making your zine, or doing research for this or other assignments.

Please leave a comment or question in the comments below.


Lydia Willoughby

Google Cultural Institute celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month:


Library Day:




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