Hey everyone!

Did you know we have something called “Zines of the Moment”?

Over at our zine collection there’s a display that we update roughly once a semester, featuring zines from our collection on a different theme/topic.

Our last theme for Zines of the Moment was “Black Lives Matter: Race & Resistance” and featured zines about racial identity politics and resistance movements. It was up from Fall ‘16 through midterms of Spring ‘17 (though of course the topic is always relevant).

This time around we’re featuring how-to & D.I.Y. zines, so zines that are intended teach you a particular skill. They range from practical (such as “A Rough Guide to Bicycle Maintenance” and “Hot Pantz: DIY gynecology”) to humorous (like “How to Swear Successfully in Polish” and “How to Park at SUNY New Paltz”) to just plain good for you (“How to Sleep” and “The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Fighting the Big Bad Motherfuckin’ Sad”)!

Feel free to come by, sit back, and enjoy the many zines we have to offer. And don’t forget! You can check zines out of the library with your student ID- even over the summer! Happy reading. 

–Jasper, Zine-brary Intern