Patrick Derilus shows off his 2018 24-hour zine. Credit: Sanford Fels.

July is International Zine Month – a fabulous excuse (not that we need one) to embark on four weeks of zine reading, making, and sharing! Maybe this is the summer you make that compilation zine idea that’s been kicking around a reality, or you read all the zines posted on Issuu by POC Zine Project.¬† Looking for other ideas? Here are a few ideas we’ve heard for how to celebrate this holiday month.

  1. Make a one page zine about something you care about
  2. Leave some of your zines in a public place for folks to find
  3. Teach a friend or family member about zines
  4. Send your zine to a distro for consideration
  5. Explore a specific genre of zines – cookzines, compilation, poetry zines
  6. Send some of your zines out snail mail to faraway friends
  7. Make a zine about a social or political issue
  8. Make a zine about your pet
  9. Submit to a compilation zine
  10. Read more zines by POC zinesters
  11. Read more queer zines on QZAP
  12. Read zines made by folks in your area
  13. Read a zine made by a non-US zinester
  14. Look up zine fests in your area – consider attending or even applying to table
  15. Read a zine every day
  16. Make something using instructions from a DIY zine
  17. Make a zine with tactile elements – fuzz, glitter, ribbons, you name it!
  18. Write a review of a zine and share it on social media
  19. Write a fan letter to a zinester
  20. Start your own mini-zine library
  21. Visit your local zine library!