Well, here we are, going through this election and its aftermath. We hope you are taking care of yourself friends – we know it’s not easy to make that space in the midst of this.

We made a zine about how this time felt in 2016 and we’d love to hear what you have to share about the 2020 experience. Please send us your..

  • Reactions / ramblings/ fears / hopes
  • Collages
  • Drawings / scribbles
  • Photos / images that capture your current headspace
You can type into a box and hit submit right here. What’s on your mind?
We’re listening.
Election reactions

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Or you can send your submission to electionreaction2020@gmail.com.

We’ll start compiling the zine a week after the election results are finalized (whenever that may be) and will share it back with you on this page. We’ll also submit it to the Daily Digest.

With warm thoughts in hard times,

the zine library