Below is a list of the zines in our collection by title (updated May 2016)


6th annual Zine librarian [un]conference July 18-19, 2014: Durham, NC — by Kelly Wooten.
32, a debut compilation — by Muriel Moss, Ellis Johnson, Currer Bell.
68 ways to make really big puppets : a patternbook of parades and pageants — by Sara Peattie and the Puppeteer’s Cooperative.
500 years, indigenous resistance.


Abolish restaurants : a worker’s critique of the food service industry.
Abolish the non-profit industrial complex : “the greatest damage to social justice movements has come from gradually coercing people to mold these revolutionary structures into oppressive corporate and government form”.
Accordion. Issue 1, Art and Space — Edited by Maggie Jensen.
Alas. vol: 3 — by Cathy Hannah.
All things ordinary. number three — by Derek Neuland.
All things ordinary. number two — by Derek Neuland.
Always & forever : a zine about friendship — by Heather.
Anarchy & alcohol : wasted indeed, how the fiends came to be civilized.
Anarkitty in the UK — by Sarah Fisk and Ilana Kantor.
Archiving the underground — by edited by Jenna Brager and Jami Sailor.
ARG! — by Eli Kochalka, with James Kochalka.
Articles of consideration — by Sarah Fisk.
#ArtLife, musings and advice from a queer art activist of color — by by Nia King.
Attack of the zombie soy bot!, #10 — by Tom Dewing.


Barefoot and in the kitchen : vegan recipes for you — by Ashley Rowe ; illustrated by Ashley Rowe.
Barnard zine library zine.
The basil plant : a comic — by Laura Lannes.
Best friends artist collective  — created by the Best Friends Artist Collective.
Better days : stuff that helps with all this anxiety — by Sarah.
Blood and visions : womyn reconciling with being female — by Autotomous Womyn’s Press.
Blueprints of the places we lived the last 25 years — by Stefan Klein and Florens Bungard.
Boobies r whatever — by Jenna Weingarten.
Book babes : a zine about adventures with books — by Kara Bell & Hannah Beth.
Borderlands : It’s a family affair — edited by Nia King.
Brilliant mistake — by Carrie.


Caboose. #9, Masons on Masons : how to start a secret society — by Liz and Joe Mason.
Capitalism & Gay Identity — by Emma Ward.
Cat Help Is the Best Help — by Stevie Wilson.
Cats hate cops.
Cheaptoys. 9.
Le chien qui mord tout le monde [anarchist “A” symbol] Folk #4.
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Civilization will eat itself — by Ran Prieur.
Clatter : a collection of poems — by Neil Hilborn.
Cold beat : an interview with Hannah Lew. zine issue 4 — by Liz Pelly.
Collide, a zine on the intersection of physical & mental illness. #2 : passing — edited by JC Parke
Collide, on physical & mental illness — edited by JC Parker
Colonization and decolonization : a manual for indigenous liberation in the 21st century — by Zig-Za
Communiqué from an ex-cop — by Christopher Jordan Dorner, annotated by Research and Destroy New York City
Community bike cart design — by Aaron Forest Wieler.
Community bike cart design Issue #2 — by Aaron Forest Wieler.
The Congo : a European invention — by J. Gerlach ; maps by J. Gerlach ; illustrations by Kate Van Cleve.
Constantly coming out : an interview with Juba Kalamka — by Nia King.
Contrast : a literary magazine — by Angela A., Josh C., Hollee C., Schuyler K., Tianyi Y.
Conversation gardening — by Anders Brekhus Nilsen.
Conversation(s). Issue #1 — by Kit.
Curing cancer (20 comics) — by Ollie Mikse and Emily Yoder.
Cut lines & intricate minds — story, Don “Toots” Zettwoch ; comic, Dan Zettwoch.


A d.i.y. guide to preventing sexual assault.
Daoist meditation : a beginner’s guide — by Felice Ciancio.
Deafula — by Kerri.
Dear Mom, I’m not gay : I ain’t straight either though ; love, Carrie — by Carrie Colpitts.
Deuces : a short collection of comics from 2013 in diary form, Tw: death, suicide, dating, bummer town — by Alisha Rae.
Disabled in D.I.Y. : Expanding discourse about inclusion, access, and punk — by Sean Gray.
Discomfort #1 — by Dave Gunn.
The divorce of thought from deed : a compilation of writings on social conflict, white supremacy, and the mythology of free speech at UNC — Compiled and published by a rogue wing of the North Carolina Piece Corps.
The do-it-yourself guide to fighting the big, motherfuckin’ sad — by Adam Gnade.
Doctor Mister Miracles’s guide to miracle-making : a manual (abridged) — by Josh Hockensmith.
doll’s eyes — by Rebecca Hellard.
Don’t be a dick — written by Paul Brown.
Don’t take any shit! : a street harassment survival guide — by for the birds collective & friends.
The door was never locked.
Doris. 28 — by Cindy Crabb.
Doris. 27 — by Cindy Crabb.
Doykeit — by JB.
Dreamzine — cover by Elizabeth Yashnyk, words typed by Michelle Nitto, layout by Crystal Zoodsma.
Dreamzine II — editing and layout by Crystal Zoodsma; cover by Paul Van Atta.
Dropping out (for students).
The Dvorak zine : changing the world one keyboard at a time — narrated by Alec, Frunch, & GCB.


Earth first means social war : becoming an anti-capitalist ecological social force — by Liam Sionna
Ease your mind : herbs for mental health — by Janet Kent.
Eco-feminism — by Jing Niu and Kelly Knapp.
Effigy — by Matt Whispers.
Einstein’s swan : the professor’s lecture — by F. Deschamps.
Empty spaces. part one, “places” — by April Rose.
The encyclopedia of Doris : stories, essays, & interviews — by Cindy Crabb.
Everyone calls themselves an ally until it is time to do some real ally shit — by Xhopakelxhit.
Evolution of a race riot — Edited by Mimi Thi Nguyen
The extremely famous and rich writer’s guide to writing in public — by Ayun Halliday.


Femme a barbe : the zine for bearded ladies and other gender outlaws — by J. Bee.
Filling the void : interviews about quitting drinking + using — by Cindy Crabb and Caty Crabb.
Find zine — by Sara DeLessio.
Firebrands : portraits from the Americas — by Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative ; edited by Shaun Slifer and Bec Young.
Fish Letters — by Laura-Marie Taylor.
Five-year sleepover : a retrospective assessment — by Jacinta Bunnell.
Fix your clothes — by raleigh briggs.
Focus — by Kaitlyn Niznik.
Folio — by Jonathan Tuttle and Alexa Garvoille
Forget it — by Esther S White.
Fragments of an anarchist public health — by Marcus Alexander Hill.
Free water vs bottled water — by The Small Science Collective.
From the ground up : a compilation zine on herbalism for everyone. no 1. Herbalist to herbalist — compiled & designed by Grrrl Zines A-Go-Go ; Margaret Nee & Kim Schwenk.
Frontier. #8 — by Anna Deflorian.
Frontier. #6 : Ann by the bed — by Emily Carroll.
Functionally ill. #11 — by Laura-Marie.
Fuzzy lunch box. Issue #12, August 2007 — by Laura and Deborah Nadel.


Games — by Kate Larson.
Ghoulies III — edited by Tom Mulholland.
Ginger — by Cory.
Giving it up: the relations of a celibate slut — by Sarah Mae Allard.
Going places : Powwow country — by Kesheena.
Greenwashing and you! : a primer on “green” capitalism and how to move toward true sustainability — by Ruin Doppëlganger, Esq.
The growling mouth — by Adam Gnade.
Grrrl asylum, issue #1.
Grrrl asylum, issue #2.
Grrrl asylum, issue #3.
Gutwrench. #4 — by Max.


Hali’s head : some thoughts and happenings — by Hali Canzler.
Halloween zine — by Ilana Kantor.
A handy guide for hands-on self care! : excerpts from some of New Paltz Zine Library’s favorite zines for take back the night 2016
The hardcore / punk guide to Christianity — by Robin Banks.
Hat Grandpa — by Erin Hope.
Haunted house — by Annie Sollinger.
Her creative pursuits — by H.G.
Herbal first aid : assembling a natural first aid kit.
Hide — by Tyler Adams.
Hmmm — by Chiara Wood.
Hoax, #8 : feminism and mythologies — by Rachel and Sari.
Hoax, #9 : feminisms and vulnerabilities — by Rachel and Sari.
Hoax. #5 : Feminisms and community — edited by Rachel and Sari.
Hoax, #7 : feminisms and change — by Rachel and Sari.
Hoax, #6 : feminisms and communication — by Rachel and Sari.
Homos in herstory : 1920s edition — by Elvis Bakaitis.
Homos in herstory : 1950s edition — by Elvis Bakaitis.
Hot pantz : DIY gynecology, herbal remedies — by Isabelle Gauthier and Lise Vinebaum
How about a trip to… — by Dimitry S. Tetin.
How do you like what you have — by Lauren Denitzio.
How to buy 2nd hand guitars and amps without getting ripped off : everything you always wanted to know but felt too dorky to ask — by Dumb Boys?
How to park @ SUNY New Paltz : a satirical how-to — by Alyssa C. Toohey.
How to sleep — by Neik Glasshouse.
How to swear successfully in Polish : a basic vocabulary primer — Written, designed and compiled by Marta Ryczko.
How to win friends and influence people, [or] what to expect when you’re expecting — by Jillian Brelsford
The Howling Fantod — by leahmiraj
Hurt : notes on torture in a modern democracy — by Kristian Williams.


I cut my hair. Issue #4 — by Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg.
I do not want you to leave — by Jacinta bunnell.
I like you so much : a journey in house chores — by Carrie Colpitts.
I made this zine at work! — by Carrie Colpitts.
I said I was amazing not that I’m a mason — by Dimitry S. Tetin.
I try — by Esther S. White.
I wish i knew what i don’t know right now, by now — by Jared Larson.
If an agent knocks — by Center for Constitutional Rights; Principal author, Matthew Strugar, CCR Staff
Ilse content. #8 — by Alexis Wolf
I’m gonna decide on something and then I’m gonna do it and I’m gonna be happy with my decision — by Sarah Ayton.
I’m queer as fuck + I’m going to carve a space in your brain for trannies : yeah it’ll hurt but its the good kind of pain.
In-between — by Aijung Kim.
In the jaws of the monster : a zine about food, bodies, guts…… — by dendron and caroline.
Independence Movements in Angola — by Kyler Murria Castro and Jeremy Quezada.
International queer art & activism zine #1 : Ecuador — by Miyuki Baker.
International queer art & activism zine. #6, South Korea — by Miyuki Baker.
Intimacy & Art : a Creatively Erotic Panel Discussion — Initiated by Lydia Love & Documented by Ayun Halliday
It could be — by S. Ayton.


Janebill : Keesha and Joanie and JANE.
Jesse Reklaw’s Ten thousand things to do.
Jumping out of my skin : poems and micro-fictions — by Frank Boyer; edited by Wiliam Wilson.
The juniper. #16, Spring / Summer 2013 : slowing down — by Dan Murphy.



The la-la theory. #9, made by hand — by Katie Haegele.
Laundry basket : tales of washday woe : come clean with us and let us dye for you — by a Low-Hug Production
Learning good consent.
A lecture to art students at SUNY — byPurchase, New York — by Peter Schumann.
Lesley Third Wave, 2014 zine : Why are you a feminist? — by edited by Lindsay Theirl.
Library ghosts.
Lightningbug zine — by Kirstin Munro.
Long Distance — by JB.
Loving ghosts — by Jordan A..


Magic — by Katie Freel.
Make it last : prolonging & preserving what we love — written and illustrated by Raleigh Briggs.
Malcriada, #2 : the process of assimilation — by Suzy X.
Maps to the other side — by Sascha Altman DuBrul.
MariNaomi’s semi-illustrated interview with Alison Bechdel — by MariNaomi.
Mermaid tits — by Hannah Schulman.
Meta — by Marissa Falco.
Milk not jails : a primer.
Mini Guide to the Zine Collections of the Pioneer Valley — by Alana Kumbier.
Miss Sequential. #5 : sketchbook — by Marissa Falco.
Mixed up! : A zine about mixed race queer & feminist experience — edited by Lee Naught, Lil Lefkowitz and Lior Hadar.
Moment — by Ashley Pabon.
Monoghost — by Harry Diaz.
Monster house photo hunt — by Pam Crann and Leslie Marquez.
Monthlong drawing project 2012 — by Maya Malachowski Bajak.
Monthlong drawing project 2013 — by Maya Malachowski Bajak.
Monthlong drawing project 2014 — by Maya Malachowski Bajak.
Moonroot. #2, Moonroutes.
Moonroot. issue 3, surviving + thriving.
Mother earth, manna-hata : a native perspective — by Native Resistance Network.
Muchacha. Issue no. 6, The case of the San Antonio Four & other legal injustices — by Daisy Salinas
Musings of a jook-sing — by Diana Mai; cover illustration by Nikki McClure.
My life in zines.


Neither doll houses nor tree houses : on living outside of the gender binary — by Sari.
Never date dudes from the internet : responses to a Craigslist F4M ad — by Amy Burek.
New girl law : drafting a future for Cambodia — by Anne Elizabeth Moore.
New Paltz Zine Club zine.
Nine gallons #2 : more true scraps — from Susie Cagle.
No better than apples — by Kate Larson.
Nontoxic housecleaning — by Raleigh Briggs.
Nosedive. No. 14, Northwest relocation.
Not “queer” as in “radical” but “lesbian” as in fuck you! : revised edition — by Rachel.
Not-so-butch — by MariNaomi.
Not straight, not white, not male — by Rosi.
Not your mother’s meatloaf : a sex education comic book.


Objects in a digital space : stories of the New Paltz bartering community — collected and composed by Kelly Lindberg
An obstinately unromantic valenzine — edits, design Darla Stabler; cover, Cheryl Wu.
The occupy voice no. 1.
On struggling : identity — by [Monica Trinidad].
On subbing : the first four years — by [Dave Roche].
Ordinary : a magazine between pale and nothing. freedom on 14th street — by Clover Archer.
Original Plumbing.
Oscillating profundities : the race issue — by Teddy Hose.
Osito — by Catherine Botero.
Out of order : queer and trans youth resistance! — by Sarah Tea-Rex, editor.
Outbreak winter 04-05 — by Mad.


Pasamontaña, zapatismo : a snapshot — by Ida Lobo.
Pathologize this! : a zine about mental health — by Sarah Tea-Rex, Rachel and Iris E., editors.
Peach — by [author unknown].
Peep! — by Delphine Bedient.
Philosophactivism — by Toi Scott.
Please tell me more about myself — curated by Jené Etheridge, Atoosa Moinzadeh.
A Pocket Guide to Not Harassing People — by Stevie Wilson.
Politicians love gun control : reframing the debate around gun ownership — by Sweet Tea.
Post-apostrophic — by Starling Tattoo.
Power plays : “the media” v media vs. the media. zine issue 5 — by Candace Clement.
Projects for recently graduated art students — by Ben Aron and Danielle Freinman.
PSI cycling journal. vol. one — published by Karyn Rudnick.
Psychadelic relic : a brief look back at the 60’s through music and social change — by Ilana Kantor.
Put an egg on it. tasty zine #8 — cooked up by Sarah Keough, Ralph McGinnis.


Quare studies : a queer of color critique — by Emma Ward.
Queer masculinity — by Jack Halberstam, Stephen Motika, Brian Pietras, Ronaldo V. Wilson, Mark Wunderlich.
Queers bash back : Principles of engagement, the anarchist influence on queer youth culture — by sweet tea.
Quitter : good luck not dying — by Trace Ramsey.


RACE : Revolutionary Anti-authoritarians of Color.
Rad dad. #22, Riot parent — edited by Tomas Moniz.
Railroad semantics. 1, Eugene, Portland, Pocatello, and back! — by Aaron Dactyl.
Recipes for disaster : ten recipes guaranteed to displease — by One Page Productions.
Resplendent squash — by Ilana and Iris.
Resume of charm. #10 — by Danielle Warhola.
The reverse cougar years, issue 4 : (yes, this is kind of about my feet) — by Maxx.
Rochester teen set outsider.
A rough guide to bicycle maintenance : |b compiled for the workshop ‘How to love your bike right’ at the 2003 Portland Zine Symposium — compiled by Shelley Lynn Jackson and Ethan Clark.
Run, jump, hide — by Courtney Menard.


S.C.A.L.P. — by Dan W.
Sailor made : vegetarian and vegan recipes from the kitchen of Sarah “Sailor” Block — by Erin R.
Sardines — by Samantha Rathbun.
The sasquatch in Brooklyn — by Jess Worby.
Secrets between girls : a literary ‘zine of writing and artwork by young queer women. vol. 4 — by Kerry Slora and Cathy Resmer.
Self-defense for radicals : A to Z guide for subversive struggle — by Mickey Z ; [with cartoons by Richard Cole].
Seven-Year Sleepover : a Presentation for Your Consideration — by Jacinta Bunnell.
Shame and regret : my comics from 2011 — by Laura Lannes.
Shotgun seamstress zine collection — compiled by Osa Atoe.
Show and tell — by Rachel Lee-Carmen.
Side effects — by Shelby Petruzzo.
Simple steps to a life less shitty — by Adam Gnade.
The sinew that shrinks — by Jenna Brager.
Sing for your supper : a DIY guide to playing music, writing songs, and booking your own gigs — by David Rovics.
Skin & bones : an adiposity zine — by Cait O’Connor.
Small bikes big trees : two brown folks brave the Pacific coast from one hometown to another — written and photographs by Jen and Benji ; cover art by Dan Alexander.
Smile — by Marta Ryczko.
So, this is what it’s come to– : a comic zine about the trials and tribulations of OK Cupid — by Liz Prince, Ramsey Beyer, Leslie Perrine, and Kettner.
So you want to start a feminist collective– : a flight plan for newly-hatching flocks — by For the Birds Collective.
Sobriety — by Malissa Williams, lyrics by SZA.
Social pioneering monthly issue #1 Corporation corruption — edited by Alexis Polokoff and Zach Rausch
Social pioneering monthly issue #2 Menufacturing: the deception of the food industry — edited by Alexis Polokoff and Zach Rausch.
Sojourner Truth Library poem in your pocket day — poems by New Paltz students, faculty, and staff; collected by Morgan Gwenwald and Victoria Falco; zine design by Kelly Lindberg.
Some musings on salience in identity-roles : trying to figure out who i am and what i value — by Crystal Zoodsma.
Spider teeth : wherein our protagonist flies to Thailand to get a brand new cunt — by Ellie June Navids
State prison generated mail — by Ted Forsyth and Dwight Abbott.
Steer queer. Vol. 1 Issue #4 — executive editor, Catherine Conley; production editor, Heidi Simpson.
Steer queer. Vol. 1 Issue #2 — executive editor, Catherine Conley; production editor, Heidi Simpson.
Stuck in place : some thoughts on belonging — by Claire Urbanski.
Student Art Association 2014 zine — Edited by William Suarez and Chelsea Stanley.
Stunned lungs, #2 — by Tara Johnson.
Suburban gothic. Number seven. Six years in limbo. Part one — by Rae Logios.
Super//Imposed — by Emily McCormick.
Superstorm sandy and new york city’s dark recovery or, things to be seized during the coming insurrection — by New York Year Zero.
Support — put together by Cindy Crabb.
Syndicate product, issue 11.0, [October 2005] : Jettisoned : treasures tossed out before their time — by A. j. Michel.


Take back the night [zine].
Tenacious : art and writings from women in prison. Issue 31 — edited by V. Law.
Terrestrial invaders, terrestrial invaders — by Joseph Carlough.
There’s always one in alone — by E. Kohlmann.
They are here with us : Laura Berenice, Guadelupe De La Rosa, Myra Solis — by Mexico Solidarity Network
This is about more than who we fuck (and who fucks us).
This year in numbers : a 2014 birthday data project — by Lillian Karabaic.
The Thread — by Ilana Kantor, Sarah Piazzi, Stephanie Smith, Julia Budassi.
Toward the queerest insurrection.
Tributaries — by JC.
Tried it — by 626 chubs.
Turtle Island notes — by Native Resistance Network.
Twinks for sale : a humble comics zine — by Elvis Bakaitis.
Two boats : poems about Carville, LA written in the companionship of ghosts — by Karin deGravelles.


The unlikely — yet true — love of Nikola Tesla and Captain Ahab — as recorded by Nikola Tedsla ; illustrated by Dan Jircitano, Arthur Bond, and Mary Lewandowski.


Viscera : the observed body zine — edited by Darla Stabler and Julia Antenucci.


Wasabi tacos. vol. 2 : foodie tales from across the river — edited by Violeta De León, con mucho amor.
We are not white lesbians — by Nia King.
We carry each other — by Aijung Kim.
We demand nothing — by Johann Kaspar.
What no one ever told you about being an artist — by Tamara DelBoccio.
What to do if you experience emotional stress burnout — by Jordan Alam.
What to do when you’ve been called out : a brief guide.
When language runs dry. No 1 : a zine for people with chronic pain and their allies — by Claire and Meredith
When language runs dry. No 2 : a zine for people with chronic pain and their allies — by Claire and Meredith
When language runs dry. No 3 : a zine for people with chronic pain and their allies — by Claire and Meredith
When the white man gives you money… : words of wisdom from queer artists of color — by Nia King; co-edite by Jessica Glennon-Zukoff and Terra Mikalson.
Who do you know here? — by Rellie Brewer.
Why painting? — ed. Rellie Brewer.
Wild womyn are witches. Issue 1, Medea — by Sarah Mae.
Wind addressing earth — by Nick Wilsey, illustrated by Toni Nastasi.
Words can hurt — by Jenn Seelig.
Workin’ on it : ways to tokenize / alienate a non-white person.
The worst : a compilation zine on grief and loss. Issue 3 — compiled by Kathleen.
The worth of water : a compzine about self-care — by Sarah Rose.
Written vaguely #1 — by Mike.





Zine librarian zine.
Zine Librarians Code of Ethics zine — by Zine Librarians, assembled & designed by Kelly Wooten.