Transfer Advising

If you are an incoming transfer student majoring in psychology, please schedule a 20-minute transfer advising appointment on the date you signed up for transfer advising. At your appointment, you will meet virtually with a psychology professor (Dr. Bui, Dr. Evans, or Dr. Raskin) to discuss your schedule.

Click to book your 20-minute transfer advising appointment.

After booking, you will receive a link by email to attend your appointment via Microsoft Teams. We look forward to meeting you!

Additional instructions in anticipation of your advising meeting:

1. Review your progress report (available on my.newpaltz).

2. Access My Schedule Planner (available from > Registration > My Schedule Planner).

3. Use My Schedule Planner and the schedule of classes to develop a draft schedule (2-3 psych classes and 2-3 other classes if attending full-time; or fewer classes if attending part-time); also include 4-5 back up classes.

4. During or after your transfer advising virtual appointment, register at

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