Psi Chi at New Paltz

Are you a psychology major?

Looking for something great to add to your resume?

Join Psi Chi!

What is Psi Chi?

No, it is not a sorority or fraternity. Psi Chi is a nationally recognized honor society for psychology students. By applying, being accepted and inducted, and paying the one time due of $70, you become a Psi Chi member for the rest of your life. $55 of the $70 is the required fee of the National Psi Chi organization. The other $15 is kept by our chapter to go towards your induction certificate and our events.

Why Join Psi Chi?

Being a Psi Chi member looks great on your resume. You have access to local, regional, and international forums involving psychology and other people who are interested in it. Psi Chi provides opportunities for you to present any research you may have done, along with chances to publish your work. As a member, you are eligible for specific awards and grants. Once a member, you have access to these benefits for life!

New Applicants

The requirements include:

For undergraduates:

  • Be a declared Psychology major or Psychology minor (this includes the major concentrations in Psychobiology and I-O Psychology, as well as the minor in I-O Psychology)
  • At least 36 credits completed (transfer credits + New Paltz credits)
  • At least 9 credits completed in Psychology (transfer credits + New Paltz credits)
  • At least 3 credits completed in Psychology at SUNY New Paltz
  • 3.50+ GPA at SUNY New Paltz (overall GPA) – you can find this on your transcript or progress report
  • 3.50+ GPA in Psychology courses at SUNY New Paltz (major or minor GPA) – you can find this on your progress report

For graduate students:

  • Current enrollment in one of the three Psychology Department graduate programs (Psychology, Mental Health Counseling, or School Counseling)
  • At least 9 credits completed in the program in which they are enrolled
  • 3.50+ graduate GPA in the program they are enrolled in

If you have any further questions please email us at:

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