Presentation on Adoption as a Specialty Area in Counseling

Dr. Yanhong Liu presenting.

Dr. Yanhong Liu, assistant professor of counseling and human services at Syracuse University, presented an empowering talk on adoption at SUNY New Paltz on April 11. The presentation, which was well attended by faculty and students across counseling and psychology, was entitled “Adoption as a Specialty Area of Counseling: Reality, Themes, and … Continue reading

Nate Kornell to Present on Using Cognitive Science to Enhance Learning

Productive Struggle: Using Cognitive Science to Enhance Learning Nate Kornell (Williams College) March 13, 2018 March 27, 2018 (rescheduled due to snow) 5:00 pm, LC 102  CSB Auditorium Cognitive Science Colloquium Series, 2017-2018 If you want to perform well tomorrow, you should make things hard on yourself today; as Frederick Douglass said, “without … Continue reading