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La migra viene
Hay que esconder
Como si fuera niña otra vez
jugando las escondidas
Quisiera ver un futuro
en este mundo
Pero si me mandan pa mi país, mejor me muero yo sola
antes que me matan a mi
No quiero morirme así

Entonces, porfa
no me buscas
Déjame aqui escondida en paz
Comi si fuera niña otra vez
Es que yo mas prefiero pasar mi vida escondida
que encontrada y muerta

This is in response to the podcast “Femme Defense.” The podcast was recorded shortly after the election and touched upon how many undocumented immigrants were feeling in danger. They went on to discuss the different ways women can protect themselves in times like these. This got me thinking about the different ways in which undocumented immigrants protect themselves. It’s really hard for them to do so since they are not protected by the government. In this case, their best form of protection is to hide from the government/ICE. It’s sad to have to always live a life in fear and in the shadows, but for some this is their only option.