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Dear Liza,


I want to start this off by saying I love you! Pero let me tell you why not only because you are Puerto Rican but you are POWER and Strength.


When I hear, you say the world politics my brain lights up because I cannot believe that me and you have a lot in common. I understand being the struggle of being part of a group especially when I consider black. People tell me all the time how can you be black if your Latina and then my Puerto Rican family calls me Gringa. I want to write a poem to you and this letter goes to you for memory.


Ohhhhhhh Liza,

Garcias por tu Pay y tu Máy for making the decisions they did

I know it was NOT easy but I appreciate you


Ohhhhhh Liza,

Where we come from everything that is true, we say wepa
we get pissed, we say cono
we laugh, we say que estupido
when we play, it’s a classic game of dominoes
when we love, it’s always a say of te quiero
No one can take that way from us


It may be the same of color as the u.s.a., but do NOT get it twisted
it may be a colony but the u.s will never take away our wealth
wealth is not all about money, it is what being Boricua and what that means to us means to us.


Your parents,

I am glad you learned about YOURSELF

Young Lords

I hope I could meet you

Your vibe and empowerment I hope for that one that enlighten me!


Puerto Ricans are just as equal we are not any different,

The women in our culture are NOT Putas,

The men in our culture are NOT a waste