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When I took this picture, and read Lola Rodriguez story it brought me to tears. This is my family in Puerto Rico these are my Aunts, Cousins, and Grandma. When I saw this picture once again after taking it and reading the Lola Rodriguez story, I noticed my male cousin was in the center of this picture; it bothers me a bit. Not because she is a bad person, but till this day my grandma still believes in the stereotypical household, that one must do everything for their husband and it hurts me. It upsets me, my aunts were raised to think the same way. My grandmother never went to school but I wish she would have been exposed to more women like Lola. My family growing up, were afraid to fight for what was theirs, however Lola’s poetry set so many people free and I wish it got into the hands of my family so they could also be set free. The way Lola feels about Puerto Rico is exactly how I feel so prideful and free, wroth the fight. Mi Isla Del Encanto, I talk about Puerto Rico and my family so much because they motivate me and I hope to one day motivate them.