1. In the last post, we went over Easy Table, this post will discuss how to use a table that you already created in Google Spreadsheet and putting it on WordPress.
    Homepage of Google Sheets
  2. First, go to your desired Google Spreadsheet.
    Google sheets spread sheet
  3. Click and drag your mouse from each corner of the spreadsheet that you want to make into a table on WordPress. Make sure you don’t just shift click your rows or columns, you’ll end up with a lot of empty
      Highlighted rows and columns of the spreadsheet  Highlighted to the bottom of the desired section of the spreadsheet
  4. Right-click on the blue area and click on Copy.
    Right-click tab option Copy circled
  5. Next, go to your WordPress post/page that you want to place it in and paste it by right-clicking and selecting paste.
    WordPress post/page, right-click tab with the paste option circled
  6. It’ll be pasted into your post. It may look slightly different from how it appeared on Google Sheets.
    View of spreadsheet, with new format, in the post
  7. You can edit it with the table properties that we discussed in Easy Table. By going to the Table icon and clicking Table Properties.
    Table icon on toolbar circled and sub tab Table Properties circled
  8. Once you publish the post your table will appear as so.
    View of the publish post with the table inserted into it