Many Google sheets are too wide to properly fit into a WordPress page without overlapping onto your side widgets. One way to avoid this is by embedding the Google Sheet into your page/post.

  1. First, select Google Sheets from your Google account.
    Clicked on Google Apps , scrolled down to the green Google Sheets icon
  2. Open the Google Sheet you want to embed into your WordPress webpage by selecting it from the list below the templates.
    Google Sheets main page, previously made spreadsheet, circled.
  3. On that Google sheets page, select File, on the toolbar, and then on the sub-tab option Publish to the web….
    Google sheet page with File tab, circled, opened with option Publish to the web, circled.
  4. The “Publish to the web” window opens the two options. They are Link and Embed, select Embed.
    Publish to the web small window, circled. Embed option, underlined.
  5. On the drop-down menu, the current option being Entire Document, select the Sheet1 option or whatever sheet you intend to use.
    Publish to the web small window with embed options on the drop down menu Entire Documents and Sheets 1. Sheet 1 is circled.
  6. When done select the Publish button on the bottom of the window. A notification from Google Drive may appear on the top of the screen, asking “Are you sure you want to publish this selection?” Click OK.
    Publish to the web small window, Publish button located on bottom left,circled. Google drive notification located on the top middle of the screen, circled.
  7. Copy the code that has been created, located on the “Publish to the web” window.
    Publish to the web small window, Embed Code located underneath the original Embed option, circled
  8. Go to your WordPress page/post that you want your table to be in and select the Text tab located on the top right of the toolbar. This will be the coding side of the page/post.
    WordPress page/post edit page, Text tab, circled, located on the top right of the Text box.
  9. Paste the code into the text area where you want it to be placed in your page/post.
    Google Sheets code pasted into the text box under Text tab, circled.
  10. Go back to the Visual tab to see where the table is currently located. Do not be mislead by its current size. It’ll actually be the size of the regular post/page area.
    Table, placed into Text Box, small with scroll bars on the bottom and right of the table
  11. Select the Preview button on the right of the webpage to view your table in it’s published form. Sliders are located on the right and/or bottom of the table, to scroll through the rest of the table that isn’t visible at first glance.
    WordPress page/post edit page Preview button located to the right of toolbar, circledPreview of page/post with table extending to the size of the text area with scroll bars on the right and bottom, circled.