1. One way you can put tables into a WordPress page/post is by using Easy Table. Easy Table is a Plugin that you can add to your Toolbar in WordPress. You might have to activate this plugin by clicking Plugins.
    WordPress dashboard with the option Plugins circled
  2. Scroll through the list of plugins til you reach the one called Easy Table. Click on Activate.
    List of plugins with Easy Table circled
  3. Now go back to the page/post you would like to add a table to and click on the Toolbar Toggle to see more options.
    On edit Post/Page the toolbar option Toggle toolbar is circled
  4. Click on the Table Icon to access the Easy Table options.
    On the extended toolbar, Table icon is circled
  5. Create a Table by hovering over Insert Table and select how many rows and columns you’d like by hovering and clicking on the grid.
    Sub tab Insert Table option and a grid with blue boxes representing how many rows/columns you want, circled
  6. Once you select your size that table it will appear.
    Table placed into the post with not information in it
  7. Make edits by clicking first on your table then going to the Table icon and selecting Table Properties.
    Table in this post selected and under Table icon the sub tab Table Properties is circled
  8. This small window will appear allowing you to adjust the table structure. Including width, height, cell spacing, cell padding, border, caption, and alignment.
    small window with the tab General circled
  9. The Advanced option allows you to change the colors and style of your table.
    small window with Advanced tab circled
  10. To fill in your information just click on a box within the table to write in what you’d like.
    Name: Date: Time:
    John 12/15/18 1:30 pm
    Lisa 12/20/18 2:23 pm