Clear Touch Interactive boards encourage the same kind of collaboration and game-based learning that comes so easily to today’s student. This smartboard has twenty touch points, a variety of inputs, interactive software, and is easy to learn. Two apps that do this are EasiNote, interactive whiteboard with the ability to draw, annotate, and write on top of your presentations, and Snowflake MultiTeach, intuitive software for creating multitouch activities for your lesson. Getting started

STEP 1: Powering up & Screen adjustment

  • Press the “Power” button on the lower right corner of the frame.
  • Adjust the height and angle of the table using the remote, located hanging on the stand or underneath the table.

STEP 2: Inputs

  • Select your Input by pressing the Setting button, on the right corner of the frame, and tap on your desired Input. Normally you’ll use PC input, but there are many other inputs you can plug into the board including HDMI, DP, VGA, and AV.
  • USB Ports are located on the front of the frame.

STEP 3: PC Input Basics

  • The Clear Touch board has the same capabilities as the other window computers on campus, the board located in the CMC can even print to the CMC printers.
  • Select the PC Input from Settings and sign in with your normal school login.
  • Double tap on applications to open them.
  • Press on the Keyboard Icon on the button right of the screen to type. Tap and hold the top of the keyboard to move it anywhere on the screen that is most convenient for you.
  • Clear Touch apps that are available include Snowflake MultiTeach and EasiNote.
  • Most things saved to the PC will be wiped when you log off.


  • If the screen says No signal, try all of the following
    •  Touch the screen and give it a few seconds.
    •  Tap on the ? icon on the bottom of the screen and select other sources. Select PC again to attempt to reset it.
    • Restart the system by pressing the Power Button on the frame.
  • If the PC Window, when you start up the computer, is not in full screen, go to the power icon on the corner of the screen, tap it and select Restart.

Downloadable Clear Touch Instructions