1. Inserting a PDF directly will result in the post/page will result in a link being placed not an image.
    Page/Post edit page, in text box PDF link, circled
  2. To create a PDF thumbnail for your webpage first hover over your webpage name on the top bar, and click on Dashboard.
    WordPress web page Mayera's Blog, the name circled on the top and sub tab Dashboard circled as well
  3. On the Dashboard, on the left, hover over Media, and click on Add New.
    Dashboard on the left with Media option, circled and sub tab Add New, circled
  4. On the Upload New Media drag and drop your files onto the page or click Select files button.
    Upload new media page with drag and drop section circled
  5. File upload confirmed by notification below drag and drop section with the name of the file.
    Cleartouch PDF listed on the screen as uploaded
  6. Back to the Dashboard, under Media, click on Library to view all of your current media files. Here we have the PDF and an image we want to use to represent it.
    On the media tab library two files are circled, the PDF and the Jpeg
  7. Click on the PDF file for more information and a small window will appear. Copy the URL located on the right of that small window.
    PDF file circled on media libraryAttachment details window for PDF, URL on the right highlighted, circled.
  8. Go to the edit page of the page/post you’d like to insert your PDF into. Click on Add Media above the toolbar.
    Page/Post edit page, above toolbar, Add Media button is circled.
  9. Select the image you want to use to represent your PDF and click on the button Insert Into Post, on the bottom right.
    Insert Media window opened, Jpeg image selected, circled and Insert into Post button circled.
  10. Once the image has been inserted, click on the image and select the edit icon on the image options above it.
    Page/Post edit page, jpeg image inserted with edit icon above image circled.
  11. On the Image details window, on the options Link to drop down select Custom URL and paste the PDF URL into the text bar below it. Under Advanced options select the box next to Open link in a new tab. When you’re done select Update on the bottom right corner.
    Image details window, display setting section Link to option: Custom URL and link, circled advance options section Open link in a new tab circled.
  12. When you’re done with your post/page select the Publish or Update button on the right.
    Page/Post edit page, Publish button located on the right circled.
  13.  Now when you people click on the image the PDF will be opened in a new tab.
    Example of published page with Image thumbnail for PDFPDF opened in a new tab