Meet the Faculty: Eric Feldman to teach Milestones in Documentary

As a graduate of New York University Film School, Eric Feldman worked for 10 years in film production (FUNNY FARM, SCROOGED, and COOKIE among his credits). As producer and editor of THE DRUNKEN WARRIOR, he was invited to the prestigious Belfort Festival in France. His musical experience includes working for Atlantic Records and the Archive of Contemporary Music. Eric has worked with Splash Sound Studio in NYC and his credits include ANIMAL PRECINCT (television series on “Animal Planet”), TWO TOWNS OF JASPER (official selection in the Margaret Mead Festival) and GREENER GRASS (PBS documentary and winner on Grand Prize at BANFF Festival, Canada).

Eric has taught a variety of film studies classes on the west coast, and we’re thrilled to welcome him to SUNY New Paltz for DMJ321 Milestones in Documentary. The 3-credit upper-division elective is taught this spring; see the schedule for details.