Attend the Alumni Panel and Guest Speakers on Media Day, May 11, 2023

The Department of Digital Media and Journalism, CAS, SUNY New Paltz Alumni Association, and The Media Society Present… Media Day 2023! Media Day will take place Thursday, May 11, beginning with the Alumni Panel at 10am and closing at 6pm with Keynote Speakers at the College Terrace.

The 10am Alumni Panel will include Clark Slater, Breanne Casucci, Katelyn Cordero, Alanna Gill, and Lakendra Smith. This panel opens opportunities to network with the graduates and learn about their career ladders and paths. Breakfast will also be served! The 6pm keynote will include speakers Joy + Noelle, who will share about their career in animation. The keynote will also honor DMJ Professor Emirati Lynn Spangler with refreshments and appetizers. 

2023 Media Day poster

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Spring Film48 Happening in New Paltz; Meeting Thurs., March 9 in CSB54

SUNY New Paltz’s Media Society, a Broadcast Education Association Student Club, is putting on its own local Film48 competition! It will take place the weekend of March 24th to March 26th. Teams of students will be given 48 hours to create a short film from start to finish, with a handful of criteria they must use in their productions as well.

A general interest meeting will be taking place this Thursday, March 9th, in CSB 54, from 5:00-6:15. Students will be informed of competition rules and can also use the event to put their own teams together. We will hold a viewing party in the weeks following the competition, where students will be able to vote for their favorite films. Hope to see you there!

Digital Journalism Training Series Offered April 19, May 3 and June 14 from Online News Association

The Online News Association (ONA) is partnering with Microsoft to hold a special training series, from April – June 2022, on a variety of topics designed for new professionals in the digital journalism field.

  • The first session will take place on Tuesday, April 19th at 3:00 p.m. EDT and will touch on The Future of Text-to-Speech in Journalism featuring Microsoft’s Deb Adeogba. Link to the registration page here.
  • The second training will take place on May 3rd at 3:00 p.m. EDT and will focus on Telling a Story with Data “In this session, we’ll start with data from the CDC, and look at what we can learn state-by-state. We’ll analyze the data in the free version of Excel, write and edit a story about it in the free version of Word, post that story to a WordPress blog, and share that content out to Microsoft Start, exposing our story to potentially more than a billion readers.” Link to the registration page here
  • The last session will take place on June 14th and will feature Devna Shukla who will be discussing her broadcast experience with Anderson Cooper,  larger publisher trends and overall media diversity efforts. Link to the registration page here.

Send any questions to Diana López, Program Coordinator at 

Save the Date: For a Talk, Q&A, and Book Signing by Eyal Press Nov. 16

Drone pilots who carry out targeted assassinations. Undocumented immigrants who man the “kill floors” of industrial slaughterhouses. Guards who patrol the wards of the United States’ most violent and abusive prisons. Dirty Work offers a paradigm-shifting view of the moral landscape of contemporary America through the stories of people who perform society’s most ethically troubling jobs. Continue reading