Check Academic Calendar for this Semester’s Altered Schedule

With this semester’s unique schedule, make sure you stay updated with the academic calendar and watch for upcoming deadlines. You can find the academic calendar here or by visiting and clicking “Academics” then “Academic Calendar.” Make sure you are on the fall 2020 calendar. Pay particular attention to national holidays that are instructional days this semester, including Labor Day this Monday.

Some important deadlines coming up:

  • September 6 – Late registration/course drop
  • September 28 – Deregistration for non-payment fall 2020
  • October 16- Last day to elect pass (P) grade for spring 2020 course(s)
  • October 26 – November 20 – Declaration moratorium for majors and minors
  • October 30 – Last day for course withdrawal
  • November 6 – Last day for student elected Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory option
  • December 1 – Last day for student to submit work due for course graded “I” (icomplete) for spring and summer 2020