Map Presentation Preparation


Each group is responsible for one of the sections below (“Background,” “Map Details,” “Map Team,” “Design”).  Be prepared to share your responses with the class.

  1. Background: What subject/theme unifies the items plotted on the map? Why is that theme/subject important? How is this map useful? What sort of research questions can you ask (come up with at least 2 examples)?
  2. Map Details: How many places/things are mapped? What kind of map does it have (historical maps, Google maps, or something else)? What information is included about each location? Why is that information important? Is the map animated (does it change over time)? Is there a legend/key? Where did the data/maps come from? Is it a scholarly project?
  3. Map Team: Who built this map, how big a team was it, and where is the site hosted? Who is the intended audience for this project (e.g. researchers, students, the general public)? What academic fields (e.g. English, History) can learn from this archive?  Check this list of academic fields to answer that final question.
  4. Design: How does a user interact with the map? Is it searchable? What colors and images does it include, and how do those colors/images reflect the theme/subject of the site? How was the site built (e.g. what technology does the site use)?

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