Project Proposal Assignment Sheet


Answer these questions with your group members.  Email me your answers by 8pm on November 19th and cc your group members.


  1. What methodology are you using for your project? (GIS, visualizations, digital archive, digital edition)
  2. What are you producing? (be specific)
  3. What is your research question?
  4. Where will you get the data? (be specific: include URLs if possible)
  5. If you’re hosting images online, do you have the copyright permissions to publish them? (pre-1923, or special permission from the author(s))
  6. What tool are you using to produce your project? Why did you choose that one?
  7. Does the tool host the project online for you (i.e.  Omeka, Juxta Editions, Google Fusion Tables, Google Maps, Mapbox), or will you have to make a separate website to display your project?
  8. How often will you meet outside of class?
  9. Who is your project manager? (Appoint one)
  10. Who is the audience from your project?
  11. What will someone learn from your project?
  12. What will be the hardest part about making the project?
  13. Make a work plan:  break the project into smaller bits and assign deadlines and names to each bit. Include this schedule in your proposal.

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