Online Assignment #6A: Video Essay Preparation


WeVideo is unique in that it allows users to create and edit videos in the cloud. For this assignment we will use the free version of WeVideo ( During your Digital Video Essay tutorial, you will create a mini-video essay. We will go through these steps together, but what you will need to do is bring the following to class on October 15th, 2015:

  • 10-15 images
  • A written narration that will go with your images
  • Headphones (so you can listen to and insert background music and/or audio narration)
  • Optional: Audio narration (that should last about 1-2 minutes, which will range from 150-300 words)

Tips: Follow these instructions ( to record on a PC and these ( to record on a Mac.

Guidelines for composing your narration:

For this activity, you will create a brief (approx. 1 minute) video to introduce yourself to the rest of the class.

Your narration should include:

a) your name
b) where you are from / where you grew up (this could be multiple places)
c) where you live now
d) your favorite fact about the Victorian period
e) your favorite thing about digital humanities so far

Collecting your video clips & images:

You can use video and/or still images to help tell your story. For example, you should include a screen capture of a map that locates either your home town or current city/town, or both! You can choose what scale map(s) to include–whether it should focus on the level of the neighborhood, city, state, or country. Just remember, you are trying to help the viewer locate where you are in reference to other geographical places that they may be familiar with.



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