Final Project Assignment Sheet

In groups of 3-4, you will

  1. Create a digital project and publish it online (30% of final grade).
  2. Jointly write a 2-3 page paper about the project (4% of final grade).
  3. Give a 10-15 minute presentation on the project (4% of final grade).

Your DH project should:

  1. Use a methodology covered in class (e.g. Visualizations, digital archives and editions, GIS).
  2. Be more substantial than the short blog post projects you’ve done so far in class (an edition of more than 25 pages, an archive with more than twenty objects, visualizations that are more detailed than a handful of pie charts and bar graphs, etc.).
  3. Have a purpose that is original and useful to scholars.
  4. Relate to your own scholarly interests: it does not have to be about Holmes, London, or the 19th
  5. Include an “about” page that briefly explains the purpose of the site and lists the group members involved.
  6. Have its URL posted to the class blog so your classmates (and I) can find it.
  7. Cite your data!

Your Paper Should:

  1. Have a thesis that explains the purpose and significance of the project.
  2. Explain the intended audience of your project: who should use it and how does it help them?
  3. Explain the influences on your project: what DH projects inspired it?
  4. List each group member’s role in the project.
  5. Be collaboratively written (use Google Docs).

Your Presentation Should:

  1. Cover points 1-4 of the section labeled “Your Paper should” above.
  2. Demonstrate the site: Walk the class through how it works and its design.
  3. Have everyone in the group speak.

Sample Projects:

1. This group mapped Nirvana tours linked with record labels & MTV video dates to find when/how they became popular:
2. This group made an archive of oldest newspapers in US by state to find out what contributes to their longevity:
3. This group analyzed Death Eaters from Harry Potter with an elaborate archive, visualizations, and timeline, and analyzed the results:
4. This last group mapped locations from Supernatural over the last 3 seasons to look for patterns (they discovered that witches are usually located in the Pacific Northwest, and not many events happen in the Bible belt):
5. This group mapped the changes to SUNY New Paltz over its history:
6. This group mapped the archeological findings from digs at the Historic Huguenot Street:

Recommended Tools:

Digital Archives: Omeka (

Digital Editions: Juxta Editions (

GIS: Google Maps (

or Mapbox (

or Carto DB (

Visualizations: Google Fusion Tables (

Project Idea Due: 11/18 by email no later than 8pm.

Project, Paper, & Presentation Due 12/14: 12:30-2:30


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