Qigong Smile

Energy.   Cultivation.   Healing.

I resonate deeply with qigong’s slow, flowing, yet invigorating movements. My practice and classes cycle through one of nine different qigong forms over the weeks. Each form has its own special way of healing and energizing the body and mind, and I find this holistic approach helps me achieve optimal health and a positive outlook.

Christine Alicino Photography

My focus on the Three Intentional Corrections within each form creates a presence awareness in my movement, breathing, and mindset, and I try to bring this mindfulness into my day. I usually feel relaxed, lucid and enlivened after practicing qigong and come away with what I call a Qigong Smile: a serene, embodied contentment.

My intention for teaching qigong is to help students realize their potential and show them how to develop positive and healthy relationships with their bodies, hearts, and minds. When we are in accord with ourselves, our experience of others and the world around us becomes more harmonious.

Wishing you health and happiness,
Chris Brandon Whitaker

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