The Langham Hotel

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According to the Langham hotel website, “Delighting guests with gracious hospitality since 1865.” The Langham hotel was originally designed in the year of 1858, but unfortunately the plans to begin building the hotel failed. It wasn’t until the year of 1863 where the foundation for the hotel was created by two architects named¬†Giles and Murray. The hotel “was opened in June, 1865, with a luncheon at which the Prince of Wales was present;” This hotel has been one of the most luxurious hotels in London with its spacious rooms and tall ceilings. The hotel is “It measures upwards of 200 feet in the facade looking up Portland Place, and is upwards of 120 feet in height, the rooms rising to a sixth storey, and overtops by some forty or fifty feet all the mansions in Portland Place and Cavendish Square” making it one of the biggest buildings of that area.

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The hotels architecture was very simple and can be described as italian style. Although the hotel looked very simple, it attracted many people of class and money, which is evident in Sherlock Holme’s A Scandal in Bohemia. This hotel is mentioned during the meet up between Holme’s and The King. The King was using this hotel as a form of hiding out with Miss adler, where he was checked in under the name “Count Von Kramm.” The King, a man of high class and power, was expected nothing less than to stay at the richest and highest hotel, even if he was doing scandalous things. To this day, this hotel continues its reputation by providing those staying with good, high quality ¬†services.


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