Online Assignment #2: Researching the Victorians


Lee Jackson’s “The Victorian Dictionary” ( compiles 19th century sources–from diaries, newspapers, and novels–and organizes them by topic so researchers can quickly and easily learn about the Victorian period.  Choose a category from the dictionary that has something to do with Victorian London (the category can be as specific as “ladies on trains” (, and write a blog post on what you’ve learned from that entry.  Your blog post should mention at least three facts from the article  and should cite the article to avoid plagiarism. You should also comment on two other blog posts.


August 27th by noon.


To use “The Victorian Dictionary,” follow these steps:

1. Click on a category on the left (such as “Buildings” or “Districts”).

2. Click on a subcategory on the left to get more options (such as “Marble Arch” or “Character of Particular Streets”)

4. Click on one of the new options to see all articles about that subject.

5. To get the URL for the article, right-click on the topic of the article in the left-hand menu, and select “copy link address” (or “copy link location,” depending on your web browser). Paste the URL into your blog post in parentheses (or turn the quoted text into a hyperlink and paste the URL there).

6. To quote from a source without plagiarizing, consult pages 16-17 from Standards and Styles (

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