Types of SONA Activities

Activities that earn points toward the requirement include any combination of the following:

  • Online Studies. Online studies involve:
    • Going to the SONA website and clicking on the view studies tab.
    • Selecting a study in which to participate.
    • Participating in the study online.
    • Online studies earn 1 SONA point for every 30 minutes (e.g., a 30-minute online study earns 1 SONA point, a 60-minute online study earns 2 SONA points, a 90-minute online study earns 3 SONA points).
  • In-Person Studies. In-person studies involve:
    • Signing up for a time slot on the SONA website.
    • Arriving at the designated laboratory or other campus location at the specified date and time.
    • When you arrive for your appointment, the researcher(s) will inform you about the specifics of their study.
    • In-person studies earn 1 SONA point for every 30 minutes PLUS an additional 2 points to compensate for limited scheduling opportunities and travel time (e.g., a 30-minute in-person study earns 3 SONA points, a 60-minute in-person study earns 4 SONA points, a 90-minute in-person study earns 5 SONA points).
  • Psychology Lectures or Job Talks. Attending psychology lectures or job talks involves:
    • Going to the SONA website and signing up to attend a lecture or job talk.
    • Attending the lecture and signing the attendance sheet passed around the room.
    • Lectures earn 1 SONA point for every 30 minutes (e.g., a 30-minute lecture earns 1 SONA point, a 60-minute lecture earns 2 SONA points, a 90-minute lecture earns 3 SONA points).
  • Journal Article Summaries. Writing journal article summaries involves:
    • Contacting the psychology advising assistants to obtain approved articles for review. The advising assistants can be reached by emailing them or visiting them during their office hours.
    • Reading one or more articles and writing a 1-2 page summaries of them.
    • Emailing the completed summaries to the psychology advising assistants. The advising assistants will then grant you points on the SONA website.
    • Each article review is worth 2 SONA points.

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