Communication & Technology

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We will use this Hawksite blog page as the syllabus, Blackboard for grades, and twitter for announcements. Students are responsible for frequently checking the page and the course hashtag. You are responsible for all information posted there.

We will be using Twitter! We will begin each class by tweeting one of our favorite quotes from the reading assigned for the day, using our course hashtag #HipHopS18. We will end each class by tweeting something we’ve learned that day. Please note: if you want to protect your privacy on social media, please open a (new) Twitter account with an alter-ego.

Also, the library has iPads for check out if you need a mobile device (to tweet, listen to podcasts, etc).

I will use the university email address that is on file with SUNY New Paltz to communicate with students, both individually and as a class on occassion. You will be responsible for any such communication; you must therefore check your university email account regularly (or configure it so that email is forwarded to another account that you do check regularly).

You can bring your laptops/iPads to class but if the privilege is abused I will ban them from the entire class. Let’s be responsible for our collective.

Computer and network policies statement: Users of New Paltz’s computer resources and network facilities are required to comply with the institutional policies outlined in the Acceptable Uses and Privacy Policy (

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