Extra Credit

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How is extra credit earned?

Live tweeting special events offered by instructor OR live tweeting events approved by instructor. A minimum of three tweets is required for up to 1 point on your total grade. The requirements of the tweets are as follows:

  1. Tag the professor @justjess_PhD in the first tweet along with the title of the event, the course hashtag #HipHopS18, and #npsocial

  2. The rest of your tweets should be presented in a “thread” and consist of quotes, questions, or comments you have while in attendance.

When and how is it due?

Your tweets are due at the conclusion of the event. Because Twitter is an online platform, there is the possibility your tweets will “disappear.” You should always copy and paste your tweet links into a new document that you can submit on the last day of the class. All extra credit should be completed and turned in for credit by the last day.

Is there a point limit?

You can earn up to 5 total points; they will be added to your final grade.


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