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Grading Structure:

  • 20 points: Participation

  • 20 points: Reading Sheets

  • 20 points: What’s Up in Hip Hop Post & Roundtable

  • 15 points: Annotated Bibliography

  • 25 points: Feministing on Wikipedia Edits



Points are based on Twitter activity in addition to in class participation. During each of the “What’s up in Hip Hop?” roundtables, students will live tweet quotes, comments, praise, critique, and questions. Remember to use the course hashtag #HipHopS18 and to save all of your tweet links in a document that you will hand in on the last day of class (May 2).

Reading Sheets

Students are required to submit 10 completed reading sheets over the 12 times we meet (not including the first meeting); each is worth 2 points. Upload to Turnitin on Blackboard and bring them to class! Grading: 2pts = excellent (clearly demonstrates reading comprehension and consideration) 1.5pts = satisfactory (demonstrates basic reading comprehension and consideration) 1pts = needs improvement (does not demonstrate reading comprehension or consideration adequately) A template is available here: Readings Sheets.

What’s up in Hip Hop? Crew Blog Post and Roundtable

On a week of their choosing, crews will choose a current happening in Hip Hop and create a blog post including videos and images. The crew will then participate in a roundtable on the topic in class. More details here: What’s Up in Hip Hop?

Annotated Bibliography

Students will create an annotated bibliography with 3-5 sources related to Gender and Sexuality in Hip Hop. More details here: Annotated Bibliographies.

Crew Wikipedia Page

As a class, we will edit the Hip Hop Feminism Wikipedia page. The goal is to produce quality online encyclopedia entries that will put what we’ve learned in the course into “practice” by making that information available and accessible to the public. The project was designed in part by the “Feminists Engage Wikipedia” project which encourages participants to share links to articles on Twitter and/or Facebook using the hash tag: #toofew. More details here: Course Wikipedia.


Final grade is calculated as follows:

(95-100) A
(90-94) A-
(87.6-89.9) B+
(82.5-87.5) B
(80-82.4) B-
(77.6-79.9) C+
(72.5-77.5) C
(70-72.4) C-
(67.6-69.9) D+
(62.5-67.5) D
(60-62.4) D-
(below 60) F

All grades will be posted in Blackboard.


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