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2nd Podcast

Due: Tuesday November 20th by 11:59PM

For the second podcast, students will engage (in earnest) at least two course readings to develop a topic addressing a substantive and critical contemporary issue for and in feminist movement. Pro-tip: I strongly urge you to use the second podcast to begin working on the argument in/of your final essay.


  • Length: 8-10 minutes (no less than 1250 words transcribed)
  • Content: analysis of current feminist concern using at least two theories from course readings
  • Embellishment: no more than 3.5 minutes total of non-narration; (combine time for effects, music, and if you interview someone or play clips of an interview)
  • How to submit: Email professor tweeted link, signed Release Of Course Materials For Public Availability, and transcription in one email (name your file: e.g. “last name_second podcast”).
  • When to submit: Tuesday November 20th by 11:59PM


Details (the bits and pieces of the assignment)

  • Research podcasts
    • Research podcasts (ongoing, same as before)
      • Don’t forget that you will cite the podcasts you used as research sources/inspiration at the end of the podcast transcription. Try new ones!
  • Draft script
    • Don’t forget to include an intro that tells who is speaking, the date the podcast was produced, and where the speaker is located.
  • Check in with professor byFriday November 9th.
  • Review the trainings! Here is the information from the trainings: Podcasts: Finding Sounds, Images, and Sources
  • Practice narration: record script raw for timing and flow
  • Practice narration: record script with audio/effects for timing and flow
  • Produce podcast; edit with music and effects
  • Make your podcast accessible
    • Transcribe audio podcasts for hearing-impaired audiences
    • Be sure to describe in transcription any sound effects or music
  • Write description of podcast for twitter sharing; don’t forget to account for the course hashtag #femthry18
  • Publish your podcast on Soundcloud
  • Share your podcast with the class by tweeting a link to your podcast (with the description) by Sunday November 18th 

Don’t forget to cite sound clips, podcast inspirations, and theorists used.

CATEGORY Exemplary Satisfactory POINTS POINTS
Introduction 1 point .5 point Possible Earned
Catchy and clever introduction. Provides relevant information and establishes a clear purpose engaging the listener immediately. Describes the topic and engages the audience as the introduction proceeds. Somewhat engaging (covers well-known topic), and provides a vague purpose. 0.75
Tells who is speaking, date the podcast was produced, and where the speaker is located. Tells most of the following: who is speaking, date of the podcast, and location of speaker. Alludes to who is speaking, date of the podcast, and location of speaker. 0.25
Content 9 points 6 points
Creativity and original content enhance the purpose of the podcast in an innovative way. Accurate information and succinct concepts are presented. Accurate information is provided succinctly. Some information is inaccurate or long-winded. 3
Concepts from class two readings and discussions integrated into language. Concepts introduced are appropriate. Concepts introduced are adequate. 3
Podcasts cited and used as inspiration noted somehow-content, aesthetics, etc. Mentions podcasts used as inspiration; influence is made clear. (You can do this at the end. End your podcast wait a beat and then cite sources and shout outs.) Podcasts vaguely referenced. 2
Keeps focus on the topic/prompt. Stays on the topic. Occasionally strays from the topic. 0.5
Conclusion clearly summarizes key information and offers a forward thinking reflection on the question at hand. Conclusion summarizes information. Conclusion vaguely summarizes key information 0.5
Delivery (Script) 3 points 1.5 points
Transcription and Citations Accurate transcription; citations included/works cited Transcription does not match narration; missing citations 1
Well rehearsed, smooth delivery in a conversational style. Rehearsed, smooth delivery. Appears unrehearsed with uneven delivery. 1
Highly effective enunciation, expression, and rhythm keep the audience listening. Enunciation, expression, pacing are effective. Enunciation, expression, rhythm are sometimes distracting. 1
Technical Production 2 points 1 point
Transitions are smooth and spaced correctly without noisy, dead space. Transitions are smooth with a minimal amount of ambient noise. Transitions are uneven with inconsistent spacing; ambient noise is present. 0.75
Volume of voice, music, and effects enhance the presentation. Volume is acceptable. Volume is occasionally inconsistent. 0.5
Podcast meets length requirements. 8-10 minutes 0.25
Emailed/Met Professor about Idea 0.25
Release Form Signed. 0.25