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Student Learning Outcomes

By the end of the semester, students will:

  • identify the origins and applications of critical vocabulary, concepts, logics, and frameworks.
  • demonstrate competency in utilizing the theories shaping the field of WGSS to critique popular culture, politics, and everyday life.
  • Synthesize and apply theories in written form, both digital and analog.

Grade Structure:

A Note on Class Participation: 

Participation is not just showing up to class, that is attendance. I expect you to be present as well as in attendance. Being present means coming to class prepared to engage, ask questions, and contribute to discussion on- and offline. We are all responsible for the dynamics of the classroom, and your participation and preparedness are crucial to those dynamics. 

We will begin each class by tweeting one of your favorite quotes from the reading assigned for the day. We will end each class by tweeting something we’ve learned that day.