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Use Your Voice: Feminist Theory Audio Podcasting Assignment



Podcasting is a new media tool that can be used for social justice work. Podcasting provides the opportunity for feminists to act on the long-held notion that the “personal is political” and “the political is personal.” While engaging in ongoing research on various intersectional feminist podcasts, students will create two podcasts (see details for #1 and #2) of their own over the semester during the hybrid credit hours (1.5hrs per week). Producing the podcasts will not only help students digest the feminist theories they learn in class, but also teach them how to integrate and communicate those theories in the conversational tone of everyday life.


In lieu of class on Friday September 14th and Friday September 21st, we will visit the DASHlab in the Sojourner Truth Library; the class will split into two groups, rotating between a training on how to use the DASHlab sound booth/hardware and a training on audio research and fair use.

Here is the information from the trainings:

Podcasts: Finding Sounds, Images, and Sources

DASH Lab Audacity Training

Required Software

OPTIONAL: You can submit your podcasts to be published on the Queeries blog run by a WGSS alum, Raine Grayson. Here’s the about on the site: Queeries is a blog with over a dozen different LGBTQIA+ identified artists and writers of all varieties. This space was created as a platform to share our art, our stories, and our perspectives. From poetry to featured artists, exhibits, and projects, to opinion pieces and interviews – we do it all! This is because the Queeries writers choose what they wish to write and are given the freedom to do so. We strive to build stronger community within LGBTQIA+ spaces and educate our non-LGBTQIA+ audience on the nuances of our various lives through the bravery to share our stories, the vulnerability in our honesty, and the beauty in celebrating and looking at who we are, what we do, and how we see society around us. 

Grading Rubic (general, points differ for midterm and second)


Student Name: _______________________________________ Podcast Rubric
CATEGORY Exemplary Satisfactory Unsatisfactory POINTS
Catchy and clever introduction. Provides relevant information and establishes a clear purpose engaging the listener immediately. Describes the topic and engages the audience as the introduction proceeds. Somewhat engaging (covers well-known topic), and provides a vague purpose.
Tells who is speaking, date the podcast was produced, and where the speaker is located. Tells most of the following: who is speaking, date of the podcast, and location of speaker. Alludes to who is speaking, date of the podcast, and location of speaker.
Content majority of points gained here
Creativity and original content enhance the purpose of the podcast in an innovative way. Accurate information and succinct concepts are presented. Accurate information is provided succinctly. Some information is inaccurate or long-winded.
Concepts from class readings and discussions integrated into language. Concepts introduced are appropriate. Concepts introduced are adequate.
Keeps focus on the topic/prompt. Stays on the topic. Occasionally strays from the topic.
Conclusion clearly summarizes key information and offers a forward thinking reflection on the question at hand. Conclusion summarizes information. Conclusion vaguely summarizes key information
Delivery (Script)
Well rehearsed, smooth delivery in a conversational style. Rehearsed, smooth delivery. Appears unrehearsed with uneven delivery.
Highly effective enunciation, expression, and rhythm keep the audience listening. Enunciation, expression, pacing are effective. Enunciation, expression, rhythm are sometimes distracting.
Technical Production
Transitions are smooth and spaced correctly without noisy, dead space. Transitions are smooth with a minimal amount of ambient noise. Transitions are uneven with inconsistent spacing; ambient noise is present.
Volume of voice, music, and effects enhance the presentation. Volume is acceptable. Volume is occasionally inconsistent.
Podcast length keeps the audience interested and engaged. Podcast length keeps audience listening. Podcast length is somewhat long or somewhat short to keep audience engaged.
Podcast meets length requirements.
Met with Professor
Release Form Signed.