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Final Research Paper: Students will write an analytical essay on a topic related to the course.

Final Version Due: Monday December 10th, 2018 submit to professor mailbox at Southside.

In class Presentations: During our scheduled final exam period on 12/14.

Length: 8-10 pages plus works cited page/s, double spaced, 1” margins, header.

Purpose: Connect your own intellectual curiosity with the theoretical and historical frameworks analyzed in class. Your task is to write a cohesive, well-written argument (make an original claim) that deeply engages at least two of the feminist theoretical frameworks we have discussed in class. If you use the same ones you used for the short essay, they do not count toward the two required for this paper. In addition, at least two “outside” scholarly articles/chapters are required (may also be substantial blogs/websites).

Inspiration:  If you need a little motivation, one of my former students used their final paper as the basis for a chapter on gender and affect that is now published in a book: Gender as Affect_Lacovara


  1. Refer to the intersectionality worksheet to generate ideas and complexity in your argument, but do not be overwhelmed by what it asks of you.
  2. Use theories that you can articulate properly and confidently, but don’t play it safe–challenge yourself. i.e. if you have been talking about the patriarchal bargain all semester, you might want to use something new.
  3. Make sure to “read” your topic through the theories in order to develop the original claim; the thesis should state the claim up front.
  4. Using articles (or edited collections) as opposed to entire books might help ensure that the primary voice in the paper is yours and not everyone else’s; in other words, don’t let others make your point for you.


Possible Points Grading Rubric Points Earned



Analysis (clear thesis, paragraphs focused and coherent; logical transitions; introduction engages initial interest; conclusion supports without repeating)

How you organize and examine sources in relation to topic.


Content (idea or assertion supported with concrete, substantial, and relevant evidence; correct usage of keywords and phrases from class/readings).

How you make the argument.


Documentation, Sources. and Style (tone complements subject, conveys the authorial persona, audience considered; 8-10pgs length, parenthetical references, deeply engages at least two theories to structure argument and 2 outside sources)

How your paper meets the basic requirements and how your paper sounds.


Paper Presentation (formatting, works cited, grammar, punctuation, and spelling)

How your paper looks.


In class presentation on final day

30 Grade