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Feminist Theory Midterm Essay on Intersectionality: 15 points

Due: Tuesday October 16th  in class–hand in double sided, properly formatted hardcopy

Intersectional analyses draw on the work of women of color, the legacy of ethnic studies, social justice movements, and the experiences of marginalized peoples. For this essay, students will use a minimum of 2 of the course readings to write a 4-5 page analyses of a current issue or happening (last 6 months) using an intersectional methodology.

Examples (these are broad, you would choose one happening to focus on): Black Lives Matter, The Women’s March, Charlottesville and Unite the Right Rally, Tr*mp’s Administration, Budget Cuts to Public Education…

Be sure to address:

  • How an intersectional analysis reveals social and political dimensions of the issue or happening that a non-intersectional analysis would fail to capture.
  • Highlight the key theoretical interventions of the two intersectionality theorists you’ve chosen. Summarize the theories and demonstrate how they apply to the case study.
  • Contextualize the specific case study: who, what, where, when, why it matters, and why an intersectional method should be applied.

Proper citations and a Works Cited section are required.

Grading Rubric


Possible Points Grading Rubric Earned

Analysis: How you organize and examine sources in relation to topic.

·      paragraphs focused and coherent; logical transitions; introduction engages initial interest; conclusion supports without repeating

·      use of keywords and phrases from class/readings

·      summarize theorists/theories and demonstrate how the theories apply to the case study (challenge, extend, prove)

·      briefly explain why it matters for feminist thought


Content: How you use your topic to make the argument.

·      idea/assertion supported with concrete, substantial, and relevant evidence

·      Brief explanation of case study


Style: How your paper sounds.

·      tone complements subject, authorial persona, audience considered


Presentation: How your paper looks.

·      formatting, grammar, composition, punctuation, and spelling


Documentation & Sources: How your paper meets the requirements.

·      4-5 pages

·      parenthetical references, works cited, margins, font, spacing, etc.

·      2 of the course readings

15 Grade