1. To start your survey you’ll have to add the title and description of the section for the survey.
    New Google form page, Untitled form title underlined, Form description below it underlined
  2. Before you write your question take a look at the types of questions that are available by pressing the arrow next to the current question type.
    Question type located to the right of the question, small down arrow circled
  3.  There are a variety of types you can choose from. Each question in the form can have a different question type. The types are questions are as followed: Short answer, Paragraph, Multiple choice, Checkboxes, Dropdown, File upload, Linear scale, Multiple choice grid, Checkbox Grid, Date, or Time.Question dropped down clicked and the types of questions are listed
  4. Once you have selected the question type, write your question here.
    The question currently marked Untitled Question is underlined
  5. After you have the question, write down the answers choices to the question for your students/peers can choose from. You can add as many answers as you’d like. To add a new answer click on Add option or to add “other” as an answer click Add “Other”.
    Add an answer option,s add option or add "other" are circled below option 1
  6. Once you finish the question go to the bottom of it and select the Required button to make this question mandatory.
    Required slider,circled, located on the bottom right corner of each question
  7. You can make your survey more complex by making their answers dictate what section the go to or even shuffle the question order. You can get these options by clicking on these three dots in the corner.
        Hidden options,circled, are located next to the Required option Sub tab of Hidden options are in order of Description, Go to selection based on answers, shuffle option order
  8. To change your form into a quiz go to the settings tab.
    The top right of the screen has a list of options for the overall form, settings is located there, circled.
  9. Go to the Quizzes tab and click on the button Make this a quiz.
    On the Settings window, the tab Quizzes the first option marked Make this a Quiz is turned on, circled
  10. Scroll down to see the Quiz options and choose the aspects you wish to have regarding grading and your quiz. Which include Release grade options immediately after submission or Later after manual review and Respondent can see options Missed questions, Correct answers, and Point values.
    Settings windows, Quiz tab options
  11. Lastly, create an answer key for each question to set a number of points for the question and to write in the correct answer. Click on the question and select Answer Key.
    Answer key located directly below the Answer options, circled
  12.  Follow the instructions to check off the correct answers and type in the number of points the question is worth in the top right corner. When your done scroll down to the next question to continue, it will autosave.
    Two answers are selected as correct and the point value is located to the right of the question