1. After inviting your students to your classroom you can see them listed under your People tab.
    Google Classroom, The People's Tab on a Google Class is opened with list of students and Teachers
  2. On this page, you can email your individual students directly by clicking on the checkbox next to their name, clicking the Actions button, and by selecting email.
    Check boxes next to Actions and Kiersten Greene are checked, actions drop down menu list Email, Remove, Mute, circled
  3. It will immediately open up a new tab to your Gmail. Compose and send an email to that student.
    Gmail window opened with the recipient being the student you selected,
  4. On the People’s tab, you can also select your student’s name to view a page with all of the student’s work.
    People's Tab, Under student section, Student Kiersten Greene circled
  5. Here you can view all of the students work that they’ve done in your classroom. It will be listed with the title, date and the status of the work.
     Student Kiersten Greene's page, Filter options on the left and Title and Date sections for an assignment "What is the powerhouse of the cell" with grade on the right of it circled.