1.  Under the Peoples tab, you will see which students can access your Google Classroom. There are two ways that a student can access your classroom, first is by giving your students the class code. A student can join a class by typing in a Class Code on the homepage of Google Classroom.Google Classroom, The People's Tab, circled, on a Google Class, Two sections Teachers and Students. Under Students tab invite students or give them the class code: r2d6ax8, circled
  2. You can also invite them through email by clicking the Invite Students button.
    People's tab, circled, located to the right of the Student's section an add students icon is circled
  3. A small search window will appear. Either type their name into the search bar if they already have a google classroom account or put in their Gmail.Invite students small window, type a name or email in search bar
  4. Once your done click on the invite button.
    name Kiersten Greene, written, invite option on the bottom right circled
  5. After you invite them they will be listed under the Students tab. Each student will be listed either as invited, indicating by the gray text, or accepted, indicated by the solid text.
    Peoples Tab on a Google Class, Student Kiersten Greene with (invite) next to the name