1.  Let’s talk about the two options called Editing and Suggesting that are available on Google Doc.
    Editing Mode icon, right corner of toolbar, sub tabs Editing, Suggesting, and Viewing circled.
  2. When you open up the document you will automatically be in Editing mode. Shown by this icon.
    Editing Mode icon, right corner of toolbar, circled
  3. Editing mode allows you to edit the document directly. Just like Mircosoft Word, you type your edits directly into the document. This is great for collaboration but not great when you want to make editing suggestions so that the document owner can decide if they want to use the edits.
    The words (Making changes to the actual doc) underlined on the document
  4. Suggesting is great for editing a paper like you would if it was printed out.  Select the Suggesting button that was shown in step 1. You’ll know when you’re in Suggesting mode when this icon replaces the editing icon.
    Editing mode icon turned to Suggesting mode icon same position
  5. If you want to delete certain sections or words within the document you can either highlight and press the delete key on your keyboard or just press the backspace key. When it’s deleted it’ll strike a green line through it.Words (Make changes to the actual doc) green line through it, underlined. Suggestion located to the right of the Document
  6. To add a sentence, simply type what you want to add to the document. Your words in suggesting mode will show up green.
    Words written in from suggestion mode on doc listed on right, "This is suggesting mode adding" written in green,
  7. As you can see on the right side there are two editing boxes, one for the Delete suggestion and the other for the Add suggestion.
    Two added suggestions added located on the right side of the document, circled
  8. You can accept or reject the suggestion by pressing either the checkmark or x-mark on the edit box. Clicking these will turn the suggesting edit to a real edit and either delete/add the content.
    Suggestion on the right Accept or Reject Suggestion button on the top right of the suggestion box, circled
  9. Here I’ve accepted the Add suggestion and rejected the Delete suggestion.
    Words (Making changes to the actual doc) and This is suggesting mode adding are underlined