Portrait of Miles Mastropietro

Miles Mastropietro, Visual Arts Education Major 
Interviewed by Walter Galicia, Business Management Major

Miles Mastropietro is a college student in his junior year at SUNY New Paltz, majoring in Visual Arts Education with a minor in Art History. He has a profound sense of resilience and purpose, which have been shaped by pivotal events in his life. His childhood was deeply impacted by the passing of both his grandparents – his grandfather when he was 11 and his grandmother on his 18th birthday. Miles also endured the loss of a close friend at the age of 15, further adding to his grief. Staying in school was a significant personal challenge for him during his teenage years, as he had little motivation to do so. He nearly dropped out of high school but persevered, recognizing that completing it was a crucial achievement. As he now navigates his college journey, Miles still grapples with uncertainty but remains determined to finish, understanding the opportunities it can provide. Beyond undergraduate studies, his ambition lies in pursuing a graduate degree and ultimately becoming a high school art teacher, inspired by the supportive and caring teachers who once guided him. He aspires to be that type of teacher for his own students in the future.

September 2023

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