Artist Habitats


Habitat for Artists is a collaborative project that uses the idea of the artist’s studio as a catalyst for creative mutual engagement between facilitators and communities. It was initiated by Simon Draper and further expanded with Michael Asbil. The public is invited into creative collaboration and dialogue about topics vital to the local community.

Eddy is currently collaborating with local change makers and organziations in Newburgh, placing Habitat for Artists together with local youth in sites where they will take creative ownership and initiate community engagement. We focus on deep listening and learning from each other. 

📧 Please email us at with your ideas for engagement, habitat locations in Newburgh, and topics you are concerned about. Sign up on our mailing list to stay informed about the project.  

Habitat for Artists #2: October/November 2023: Eddy collaborates on Stefanie Singer’s Arts MidHudson Grant funded project at the gardens behind Newburgh Armory

Habitat for Artists #1: May 2023, The Eddy Team Cleans Up a Space for an Artist Habitat at Newburgh Creates

Newburgh Creates, the location of Newburgh Habitat for Artists #1, is a school of art and design where Newburgh youth learn by collaborating with peers and working professionals. It is also a center to support emerging artists.

Cleaning up an outdoor space at Newburgh Creates for a Habitat for Artists. May 2023.