Sound Your Truth, 2021 

Full event documentation: This video was produced by Digital Media Production students with Professor Rob Harris.

This interactive evening of creative sharing and collective expression on the Courtyard / Sojourner Truth Library quad was hosted with the intention to particularly amplify and center underrepresented voices.

 It was moderated by students Nayyir Strasner, Jordan Hennix, and Brianna Hicks.

Students and faculty responded to a call to sound their truths:

  • What needs to be said right now?  
  • What do we all need to hear?  
  • How might our creative acts meet this moment?  
  • How might we come together to celebrate being alive together? 
  • How should the heart of our campus beat?  

Students from many disciplines performed spoken word, poetry, rap, and song.

The truth-speaking / truth-listening environment for all to use during the event was created by sculpture students.
Printmaking students shared images printed as prayer flags, and Photography students shared the 400 Years of Inequality timeline.

These video interviews with participating students were created by Digital Media Production students.

Original invitation

Organizing team and related courses/organizations:

  • Michael Asbill, Sculpture Program, Art Department (ARS304 Sonic Measures)
  • Zach Bowman, Dorsky Museum
  • Anthony Dandridge, Black Studies Department (BLK272 Rap and Spoken Word)
  • Aurora De Armendi, Printmaking Program, Art Department (ARS 280 Basic Printmaking)
  • Andrea Frank, Photography Program, Art Department (ARS 230 Basic Digital Photography, ARS 331 Photo Books and Installations)
  • Robert Harris, Digital Media and Journalism Department (Digital Media Production)
  • Jordan Hennix, President, Student Association
  • Brianna Hicks, Council of Organization Chairperson, Student Association
  • Emilie Houssart, Sculpture Program, Art Department (ARS270/ARS170 Basic Sculpture/Intro to Sculpture)
  • Joshua Korenblat, Graphic Design Program, Art Department
  • Jill Parisi-Phillips, Printmaking Program, Art Department (ARS (ARS 280 Basic Printmaking)
  • Emily Puthoff, Sculpture Program, Art Department (ARS316/ARS574 Sculpture Situations, ARS270/ARS170 Basic Sculpture/Intro to Sculpture)
  • Nayyir Strasner, Leader of Black Student Union
  • Sarah Wyman, English Department and Faculty Development Center

Eddy at New Paltz