Portrait of Miles Mastropietro

Miles Mastropietro, Visual Arts Education Major Interviewed by Walter Galicia, Business Management Major Miles Mastropietro is a college student in his junior year at SUNY New Paltz, majoring in Visual Arts Education with a minor in Art History. He has a profound sense of resilience and purpose, which have been shaped by pivotal events in his… Continue reading Portrait of Miles Mastropietro

Portrait of Angelina Regels

Angelina Regels, Graphic Design Major Interviewed by Mike Zhmakin, Undeclared This is Angelina, Lina for short. Lina values family and friends above all. Early on, the prowess of the women’s field hockey team at the University of Albany ignited a lasting aspiration within her. Today, through hard work and determination, that aspiration has blossomed into reality here… Continue reading Portrait of Angelina Regels

Portrait of Kaleigh Hamilton & Erin Donovan

Kaleigh Hamilton, Early Childhood Education Major Erin Donovan, Undecided We are Kaleigh and Erin! We value self-love and confidence over everything. Creating confidence in others is the most rewarding feeling, as gaining confidence is life changing. We are both athletes who have gained self-confidence through our sports. Being an athlete is very difficult if you don’t… Continue reading Portrait of Kaleigh Hamilton & Erin Donovan

Portrait of Alexandra Maher

Alexandra Maher, Art Education Major Interviewed by Kiara White, Visual Arts Major Alexandra is an Art Education major who transferred from SUNY Ulster. She values her close friends and family, who motivate her every day. Alex is a gentle soul. When she was younger, she was inspired by her art teacher, whom she wishes to be like. Alex… Continue reading Portrait of Alexandra Maher