Spring 2021 Advising Season is Underway

The Spring 2021 Schedule of Classes is live on newpaltz.edu!

DMJ schedule click here

Communication Studies schedule click here

Don’t delay: Schedule a meeting NOW to meet with your advisor BEFORE NOV. 9.

Meet with your advisor remotely (Zoom, Webex, BB Collaborate, phone, etc.) to go over your Spring schedule and discuss your progress toward graduation. Don’t forget to use My Schedule Planner to design your preferred schedule for next semester.

No More Must-Take Preregistration Forms for Getting Into Classes!

Advisors will no longer reserve class seats for students via must-take preregistration forms. Instead, the seniority system will ensure that students get into the courses they need to keep them on track to graduate. Seniors get first choice of classes they need to graduate, then juniors and so on. When necessary, the department has pre-programmed specific courses into students’ schedules to support this process.